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Enterprise Resource Planners come in different shapes, sizes and costs; and while the information research that follows is no substitute for your own due diligence, it provides an independent overview of the challenges and complexity of selecting the right ERP for your business. It will also help clear up the confusion between a CRM and an ERP.

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Calculating the cost of delaying an ERP implementation

When faced with investing in technology, it is important to not only look at what the risks of proceeding are but also the risks of not proceeding as well. In today’s fast moving world, the competitive bar is constantly being raised, so when your current methods are a barrier to growth, it can cost more to not move to a better way. Although the following URL looks at the impact of the NetSuite ERP for a wholesale distributor, it is still relevant to all ERP solutions and industries.

Click to read more about the cost of delaying an ERP implementation.

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How much does an ERP implementation cost?

The following link provides an ERP Cost Calculator that can give you an approximate implementation cost. This tool is just an estimation and not the actual cost and does not reflect the cost to implement the NEXUS solution.

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ERP Implementation Process

The following article looks at the implementation process of an ERP solution and the four top strategies used to implement an ERP solution.


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The top seven benefits of implementing an ERP solution

There’s one common question we hear from organisations using disparate systems to run their business: “Why is an ERP system better than what we’re using now?”
The following article looks at the seven benefits of implementing an ERP solution:

  1. Use business data to improve and strengthen security
  2. Make use of the community knowledge and support
  3. Apply better data to make better business decisions
  4. Stay on top of regulations
  5. Give employees more power to be revenue generators
  6. Be mobile accessible to bring your business with you
  7. Choose from plenty of software options


What is the difference between ERP and CRM?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are similar in many ways and there is often confusion as to the difference between the two solutions. It is important to understand the differences and similarities of the two solutions to help answer the question “Do I need a CRM solution, ERP solution or both?”
The following article defines what ERP and CRM solutions are and the relationship of features between ERP and CRM solutions.


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