Solution Overview For A Franchised Retail Cafe Business

The iCERP by NEXUSsoft Café Franchise solution is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and automate the management of a café franchise.


Staff Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides tools for managing staff, including employee records, onboarding, performance tracking, training, and scheduling. It allows for efficient rostering, shift management, and time and attendance tracking. The system automates payroll calculations and syncs the approved payroll to your accounting package, ensuring accurate and timely payments to staff members.


Booking Management

With the booking management module, iCERP by NEXUSsoft enables centralised management of reservations and bookings across multiple locations. It offers real-time availability updates and online booking capabilities.


Supplier Ordering

iCERP by NEXUSsoft streamlines the procurement process by facilitating supplier ordering and managing vendor relationships. It automates order placement, generates alerts to ensure you don’t miss the required lead times, and maintains a centralised database of suppliers, products, and pricing information.


Franchise Fee Calculation

iCERP by NEXUSsoft automates the calculation and generation of franchise fees based on predefined rules and parameters. It ensures accurate fee calculations, eliminates manual errors, and provides franchisees with transparent and timely fee statements.


Marketing and Customer Engagement

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes marketing tools to plan and execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels. It helps track campaign performance, manage customer data, and enables personalised communication to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.


Budgeting and Financial Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft offers budgeting and financial management capabilities, allowing franchise owners and head office to create and monitor budgets, track expenses, and generate financial reports. It integrates with accounting packages for seamless financial data synchronisation.


Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides features to measure and improve customer satisfaction, including customer surveys, net promoter score tracking, and complaint management. It supports customer loyalty programs, enabling personalised offers and rewards to enhance customer retention.


Mobile Apps

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes mobile apps for both staff and customers. The staff app provides access to employee self-service, schedules and time attendance tracking as well as communication tools. The customer app enables online reservations, loyalty program management, and personalised offers.


Compliance and Auditing

iCERP by NEXUSsoft helps ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal policies. It facilitates auditing processes, maintains documentation, and generates reports for regulatory compliance and internal control purposes.


System Integration

One of the key strengths of iCERP by NEXUSsoft is its ability to provide seamless integration with third-party solutions, enabling you to leverage the full potential of your existing software ecosystem without creating data silos. iCERP by NEXUSsoft has a wide range of integrations available from popular accounting packages such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB to digital signing solutions such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign to Point of Sale solutions, transcription solutions, courier and logistic solutions, Microsoft 365 and so on.

Beyond software integrations, iCERP by NEXUSsoft also connects with IoT devices to enhance production and manufacturing processes, fleet management, and sensor-driven operations. Whether you need to monitor production line equipment, optimise fleet performance, or capture real-time data from sensors, iCERP by NEXUSsoft seamlessly integrates with a variety of IoT devices and platforms to provide actionable insights and drive operational efficiency.

We understand that every business has unique requirements and may use specific third-party solutions that may not have pre-built integrations. However, we have you covered. We have connected many legacy systems building custom integrations to connect iCERP by NEXUSsoftascent with any required third-party software. Whether it's a specialised industry solution, a niche software, or a proprietary application, we work closely with you to understand your needs and design a seamless integration that aligns perfectly with your business processes.


Inventory and Menu Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft offers comprehensive inventory management features, tracking stock levels, ingredient usage, and cost of goods sold. It supports menu management, allowing for centralised menu updates and cost calculations based on ingredient pricing.


Communication and Collaboration

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides communication tools to facilitate collaboration and information sharing across franchise locations and head office. It includes messaging, document sharing, and task management features for improved efficiency.


Ticketing and Enquiry Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides a ticketing and enquiry management module to track and resolve customer inquiries, complaints, and service requests. It helps improve customer satisfaction and streamline issue resolution processes.


Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

iCERP by NEXUSsoft generates real-time reports and analytics, providing insights into key performance indicators, sales trends, labour costs, and customer behaviour. It helps identify areas for improvement and supports data-driven decision making.


Head Office Visibility and Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft offers head office visibility into franchise operations through centralised reporting, performance dashboards, and data analytics. It enables head office to monitor and manage key aspects of the franchise network, ensuring consistency and compliance.