Key Considerations when selecting an ERP


Data is at the core of every business and the inability to protect it could be the end of your business. NEXUS has
been developed with security in mind. There are multiple layers of security built into NEXUS to prevent a variety
of attacks including but not limited to: SQL Injection, Man in the Middle, Cross-Site Scripting, Brute Force. These
protections will guarantee the safety and integrity of your data.
The NEXUS permission system is extremely flexible which ensures your solution can be locked down as much or
as little as required. At the time of logging into the system, NEXUS builds a version of your solution specific to
that user which excludes any modules/components/fields they do not have access to. In this way each user only
sees the relevant information and functionality related to their role.


If your solution doesn’t work when you need it most, what good is it? NEXUS is a solid foundation on which to
build your solution. The benefits of building on a solid foundation and not programming your solution from
scratch ensures the stability and reliability of the entire application.


Your business objective should be growth so the solution supporting your operations must be able to scale
and accommodate the resulting increase in demand. NEXUS has been optimised for scalability and has been
designed to grow in size and scope. The architectural design of the database and continuous efforts of
streamlining the database allows for NEXUS to scale and provide exceptional performance.


Your ability to ensure security, stability and scalability at a single point in time is critical, but it’s as important to be
able to sustain this over the long-term. You need the ability to serve your customers today, tomorrow and in the
future. The NEXUSsoft unique subscription licencing model includes system changes within the initial scope and
framework updates at no extra charge. In addition the modular division of functionality means that new
functionality can be integrated with minimal effort and zero disruption. These features provide NEXUS with the
ability to scale and grow with your organisation and never become obsolete.


Your ability to improve operations, remain competitive and grow your business can be largely dependent on the
flexibility of your system. NEXUSsoft can implement changes quickly and these changes are included within the
licencing agreement ensuring that your NEXUS solution evolves with your organisation.


NEXUS has been designed to house all business data in the one system. Through the use of advanced search,
filtering and reporting capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate with third party business intelligence tools
such as Microsoft Power BI, NEXUS provides instant access to a holistic view of your organisation enabling the
ability to make informed decisions.

Your organisation operates in the digital economy where success is predicated on your ability to compete in a high velocity environment. Selecting, deploying and maintaining the right business solution will determine whether your
business will thrive. The right solution can significantly improve your operations and add real value to your business.

Implementing NEXUS within your organisation will provide tremendous cost savings, improved productivity, process efficiency, visibility, growth and innovation. NEXUS is not a cost but an investment to future proof your organisation.