Solution Overview For Medico-Legal Business

The iCERP by NEXUSsoft medico-legal solution is a comprehensive software system designed to streamline and optimise all operational processes of a medico-legal organisation.


Booking and Managing Consulting Rooms

iCERP by NEXUSsoft allows users to book and manage consulting rooms efficiently. It includes features like room availability tracking, scheduling appointments, and assigning rooms to doctors based on their availability and requirements.


Doctor Scheduling

iCERP by NEXUSsoft enables the creation and management of doctor schedules. It allows administrators to allocate time slots, handle shift rotations, and make adjustments to accommodate various medical professionals' availability. In addition, Doctors can enter their own availability schedules via the Doctor Portal.


Booking Management for Claimants

iCERP by NEXUSsoft handles the process of booking claimants with doctors based on specific requirements such as the doctor's specialty, location, availability, and other relevant criteria. It ensures efficient matching and scheduling of claimants with appropriate medical professionals. In addition, clients can also make bookings directly via the Client Portal.


Case Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft focuses on managing medico-legal cases from initiation to resolution. It includes features such as case tracking, document management, evidence storage, billing, and communication tools to streamline collaboration between different stakeholders involved in the case.


Transcription Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft facilitates the transcription process, allowing users to convert audio recordings or dictations into written documents. It includes tools for transcription, editing, and organising the transcribed content for easy retrieval.


Fee and Rate Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft handles the management of fees and rates for medical services provided. It allows for easy configuration and tracking of different fee structures, billing processes, and financial transactions related to the services rendered.


Travel Schedule Management

For organisations that require doctors to travel for medical assessments or court appearances, iCERP by NEXUSsoft helps manage travel schedules efficiently. It includes features like itinerary planning, travel bookings, expense management, and communication tools to ensure smooth coordination.



iCERP by NEXUSsoft assists in promoting the organisation's services and attracting new clients. It includes features such as campaign management, lead generation, client relationship management, and tracking marketing efforts to measure their effectiveness.


Document and Report Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides a centralised repository for managing various documents and reports related to medico-legal cases, client information, medical records, and other important files. It enables secure storage, easy retrieval, and collaboration on documents.


Managing Claimants, Clients, and Doctors

iCERP by NEXUSsoft encompasses comprehensive management of claimant, client, and doctor information. It includes features like profile creation, contact details, medical history, appointment history, and communication tools to facilitate effective engagement and communication.


Staff Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft handles administrative tasks related to employees and staff members. It includes features such as employee records, payroll management, leave tracking, performance evaluation, employee self-service and other HR-related functionalities.


Reports and Analytics

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, offering insights into various aspects of the organisation's operations. It enables the generation of detailed reports, data visualisation, and performance analysis to support decision-making and strategic planning.


Doctor Portal

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes a dedicated portal for doctors to provide the doctors with access to relevant information and tools. This portal typically includes features like appointment schedules, claimant records, case details, communication channels, and other resources necessary for doctors to carry out their tasks effectively.


Client Portal

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes a dedicated portal for clients to provide the clients with the ability to create and manage their bookings.


Australian Security Standards Compliance

Recognising the sensitivity of medical and legal data, NEXUSascent is built to meet Australian security standards for data protection and privacy. It includes robust encryption, access controls, and audit trails to safeguard confidential information. Compliance with industry regulations ensures client trust and mitigates the risk of data breaches.


System Integration

One of the key strengths of iCERP by NEXUSsoft is its ability to provide seamless integration with third-party solutions, enabling you to leverage the full potential of your existing software ecosystem without creating data silos. iCERP by NEXUSsoft has a wide range of integrations available from popular accounting packages such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB to digital signing solutions such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign to Point of Sale solutions, transcription solutions, courier and logistic solutions, Microsoft 365 and so on.
Beyond software integrations, iCERP by NEXUSsoft also connects with IoT devices to enhance production and manufacturing processes, fleet management, and sensor-driven operations. Whether you need to monitor production line equipment, optimise fleet performance, or capture real-time data from sensors, iCERP by NEXUSsoft seamlessly integrates with a variety of IoT devices and platforms to provide actionable insights and drive operational efficiency.
We understand that every business has unique requirements and may use specific third-party solutions that may not have pre-built integrations. However, we have you covered. We have connected many legacy systems building custom integrations to connect iCERP by NEXUSsoft with any required third-party software. Whether it's a specialised industry solution, a niche software, or a proprietary application, we work closely with you to understand your needs and design a seamless integration that aligns perfectly with your business processes.


Multi-Site Capabilities

iCERP by NEXUSsoft supports multi-site operations, enabling your business to manage multiple locations or branches within a single system. It provides centralised control, standardised processes, and consolidated reporting across all sites, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.