Solution Overview For A Livestock Feed Manufacturing Business

The iCERP by NEXUSsoft solution designed for managing a Livestock Feed Manufacturing Business provides a comprehensive platform to streamline and automate various business processes. It integrates and centralises data from different departments, enabling efficient management of customer relationships, orders, manufacturing, inventory, procurement, logistics, compliance, staffing, accounting, and reporting. Additionally, it offers a mobile app for nutritionists to perform on-site tasks and compliance checks.


User Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes a user management module that allows administrators to define roles and permissions for different employees. This ensures secure access to the system based on their responsibilities, allowing employees to perform their tasks efficiently and maintain data integrity.


Customer, Supplier, and Contractor Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides a centralised database to manage customer, supplier, and contractor information. It enables the company to maintain a comprehensive record of all interactions, contracts, and agreements, facilitating effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders.


Enquiries and Lead Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes a module for managing customer enquiries and leads. It captures and tracks all incoming inquiries, assigns them to relevant team members, and tracks the progress of each lead, ensuring prompt and efficient response management.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM module enables the company to effectively manage customer relationships. It tracks customer interactions, preferences, custom products, and purchase history, facilitating personalised communication and targeted marketing campaigns. It helps improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.


Sales Orders

iCERP by NEXUSsoft incorporates a sales order management module to streamline the sales process. It enables the company to create and manage sales orders, track order status, allocate inventory, add required products to the manufacturing schedule, and generate invoices. The system ensures accurate and timely order processing, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales revenue.



iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides tools to plan and manage production schedules, track work-in-progress, manage bill of materials, and perform quality control checks. The system ensures efficient utilisation of resources, reduces manufacturing lead times, and maintains product quality.


Advanced Customisable Workflows

iCERP by NEXUSsoft offers advanced customisable workflows that can be tailored to your specific business processes. It allows the company to define and automate complex workflows, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and compliance across different departments.


Inventory and Stock Control

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides robust inventory management capabilities. It tracks stock levels, manages stock movements, and generates real-time inventory reports. This enables the company to optimise stock levels, minimise stockouts, and reduce carrying costs.


Creating Customised Recipe

iCERP by NEXUSsoft allows for nutritionists to create customised feed recipes for their customers based on livestock requirements and paddock conditions. It allows nutritionists to formulate feed recipes, calculate nutritional values, and track the production and usage of these custom feeds. This ensures that their customer’s livestock receives the right nutrition to optimise the desired outcome.



The iCERP by NEXUSsoft procurement module streamlines the purchasing process by automating supplier selection, purchase order creation, and tracking of supplier performance. It helps in maintaining optimal inventory levels, reducing procurement costs, and ensuring timely availability of raw materials.



iCERP by NEXUSsoft integrates with logistics systems to streamline the management of inbound and outbound shipments. It provides visibility into shipping status, automates freight calculations, and optimises transportation routes. This ensures efficient and cost-effective logistics management.


Equipment Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes an equipment management module to track and maintain equipment used in the manufacturing process. It schedules maintenance, tracks equipment performance, and ensures optimal utilisation of machinery and tools.


Compliance Checklists and Auditing

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes compliance checklists and auditing capabilities to ensure adherence to regulatory and industry standards. It enables the company to perform internal audits, track compliance status, and generate compliance reports, ensuring a proactive approach to regulatory requirements.


Staffing and Payroll, Employee Self-Service

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes modules for staffing, payroll, and employee self-service. It facilitates efficient management of employee information, attendance, leave, and payroll processing. Additionally, it offers self-service capabilities, enabling employees to access their information, apply for leave, and update personal details.


Integration with Mill Equipment and Third-Party Solutions

One of the key strengths of iCERP by NEXUSsoft is its ability to provide seamless integration with third-party solutions, enabling you to leverage the full potential of your existing software ecosystem without creating data silos. iCERP by NEXUSsoft has a wide range of integrations available from popular accounting packages such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB to digital signing solutions such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign to Point of Sale solutions, transcription solutions, courier and logistic solutions, Microsoft 365 and so on.

Beyond software integrations, iCERP by NEXUSsoft also connects with IoT devices to enhance production and manufacturing processes, fleet management, and sensor-driven operations. Whether you need to monitor production line equipment, optimise fleet performance, or capture real-time data from sensors, iCERP by NEXUSsoft seamlessly integrates with a variety of IoT devices and platforms to provide actionable insights and drive operational efficiency.

We understand that every business has unique requirements and may use specific third-party solutions that may not have pre-built integrations. However, we have you covered. We have connected many legacy systems building custom integrations to connect iCERP by NEXUSsoft with any required third-party software. Whether it's a specialised industry solution, a niche software, or a proprietary application, we work closely with you to understand your needs and design a seamless integration that aligns perfectly with your business processes.


Accounts Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes a robust accounts module to manage accounts payable and receivable. It provides accurate and up-to-date financial information and is integrated with your accounts package, enabling efficient financial management and decision-making.


Reports and Analytics

iCERP by NEXUSsoft offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. It generates real-time reports and dashboards, providing insights into various aspects of the business such as sales, inventory, manufacturing, and financials. This facilitates informed decision-making and continuous improvement.


Mobile App for Nutritionists

iCERP by NEXUSsoft includes a mobile app specifically designed for nutritionists. It allows them to access the system while off-site and off-line in remote areas to perform property evaluations and to create sales orders. The app also includes the ability for the nutritionists to perform quality control checks on manufactured feed.


Multi-Site Capabilities

iCERP by NEXUSsoft supports multi-site operations, enabling your business to manage multiple locations or branches within a single system. It provides centralised control, standardised processes, and consolidated reporting across all sites, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.