Using our proprietary platform, we deliver individually crafted ERP solutions for medium sized businesses with complex requirements.

Why Choose Us

Built for Innovative Australian Businesses

NEXUSsoft has been working with innovative Australian businesses for over 20 years. Transform the way you manage your business - embrace your uniqueness, break free from limitations, and unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and growth.

Deliver Consistently for Your Customers

iCERP makes it easy for your team to follow the detailed processes that make your products and services valued by customers. With real time tracking of all business operations you’ll know how well your business is performing minute by minute.

Iteration Leads to Success

Customers, regulations and markets change all the time. Give your business the capability to change, grow to meet these challenges head on with predictable costs for your ERP solution and no nasty surprises.

Who We Are

NEXUSsoft is an Australian owned business that has been operating since 2003. We are an agile group of digitisation specialists that work side by side with our customers to deliver exceptional, individually crafted ERP solutions for their business. We provide ongoing consultation, refinement and optimisation of our customer’s solution as part of a holistic subscription model that means our customer solutions always reflect their exact requirements every single time.

Your Business, Your Rules

Forget rigid and templated ERP solutions that force your business to conform to predefined processes. iCERP by NEXUSsoft is here to put you in charge of the way you run your operations and take back control of your business.

The Power of One

The power of a single integrated business-wide solution, built on the NEXUSascent framework to deliver a unified view of operations, a single source of truth and real time information on current workloads and activity.

The framework you can trust

The NEXUSascent framework is scalable, reliable, efficient and secure. Your iCERP solution is hosted in Microsoft Azure with enterprise class security, backup, replication and availability built in.

Connect iCERP to Virtually Anything

iCERP can be connected to virtually any other system or device via desktop widget, webhook or API. Connect desktop software, IoT devices, accounting software or industry specific applications easily and securely.

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I was referred to NexusSoft Pty Ltd by a client in early to mid 2015. I have been running a small transcription business since 2001 and over many years had looked into different options in terms of a workflow management platform and spent countless thousands of dollars on systems that just didn’t meet our requirements. From the first contact with Nexus they understood what I was wanting from a management platform and built the platform to our specified requirements along with additional features to complement the system. I’m happy to say we have been live with our workflow management platform since late 2015 and the improvement in our production and ability to grow the business is undeniable. The system is easy to use and even easier to manage our workflow with an end to end solution for our clients and typists alike. I cannot recommend Nexus highly enough.

Nicole Pavett Director / Business Development Manager