About NEXUSsoft

NEXUSsoft software is for enterprise resource planning, supply chain management and customer resource management for small, medium and large enterprises. At NEXUSsoft, we are passionate about delivering simplicity, innovation and partnership because we know an ERP system is the heart of any business. With the unique needs of each customer as our focus and a unique all-inclusive user licensing model, it’s no surprise that so many customers trust NEXUSsoft.

Current business solutions on the market offer a piecemeal approach to business activities. They rely on partial integrations with other applications to provide a limited set of capabilities, and require a significant investment to maintain. They can’t do everything you need to do now, and have absolutely no chance of doing everything you want to do in the future. NEXUSsoft contains all of the elements required to manage a growing business and includes ongoing support and development to make sure the system reflects your changing requirements regardless of how you, your market, your customers, your suppliers or your partners change.

NEXUSsoft reflects your business processes the way you do them – you don’t have to modify the way you work to accommodate the limitations of other systems.

Why Companies choose NEXUSsoft…

Increased Productivity through innovative software

At NEXUSsoft, we pride ourselves on the ability to understand a business’s processes, then integrate NEXUS into its day to day operations in a way that allows the company to increase its productivity through rising efficiency. Our fully integrated solution, will allow your business to operate at its peak performance.

Business Performance at your fingertips

NEXUSsoft will take your reporting capabilities to an unprecedented level. Visualise your data the way you want it, where you want it and when you want it. All data is generated in real-time allowing you to keep a pulse of how your business is performing.

Save Time and Money

Running multiple applications across functional areas, result in business process inefficiencies, software integration challenges and high costs associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications. Simplifying and standardising business process into the NEXUSsoft framework will save you time money.

Bespoke Solutions

Your business is unique, we know that. NEXUSsoft will work with your organisation to develop a completely customised solution to meet your needs.