Solution Overview for Labour Hire Business

A Labour hire business involves the recruitment, management, and deployment of temporary workers to various client companies. To streamline operations and enhance efficiency, Labour hire businesses require a comprehensive business management solution. iCERP by NEXUSsoft encompasses a wide range of functionalities to address the specific needs of the Labour hire industry. Following are the key aspects of the iCERP by NEXUSsoft Labour Hire solution.


Candidate Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides features to manage candidate profiles, including their personal details, skills, qualifications, work history, and availability. It allows recruiters to search, filter, and shortlist candidates based on specific criteria and maintain an up-to-date talent pool.


Job Order Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft enables efficient job order management, allowing users to create, assign, and track job orders. It captures essential details such as client requirements, job descriptions, required skills, start and end dates, and rates. Automated matching algorithms help identify suitable candidates for each job order.


Client Relationship Management

A Labour hire business heavily relies on maintaining strong relationships with clients. iCERP by NEXUSsoft facilitates client management by storing client information, contact details, and communication history. It also provides insights into client preferences, requirements, and performance metrics to improve client satisfaction and foster long-term partnerships.


Compliance and Documentation

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is crucial for Labour hire businesses. iCERP by NEXUSsoft supports the storage and management of essential documentation, such as employment contracts, worker permits, licenses, and certifications. It includes automated alerts and reminders for document expiry dates, ensuring compliance and reducing administrative burdens.


Timesheet and Payroll Management

Efficient tracking of employee working hours and accurate payroll processing are vital aspects of Labour hire businesses. iCERP by NEXUSsoft allows workers to submit timesheets electronically, including capturing start and end times, breaks, and any overtime hours. This data integrates seamlessly with the payroll module to calculate wages accurately and facilitate timely payments.


Invoicing and Financial Management

iCERP by NEXUSsoft have invoicing capabilities to generate accurate invoices for client companies based on agreed rates and billed hours. It provides customisable invoice templates and allows for easy tracking of payments and outstanding balances. Integration with your accounting software streamlines financial management tasks, including expense tracking, and financial reporting.


Shift Scheduling and Dispatching

Labour hire businesses often deal with shift-based work. iCERP by NEXUSsoft features a scheduling component that enables efficient shift planning, allocation, and dispatching of workers. It considers factors such as worker availability, skills, and location to optimise the allocation process. Real-time notifications are sent to workers about their assigned shifts and any changes.


Performance and Feedback

Monitoring worker performance and collecting feedback is essential for quality control and continuous improvement. iCERP by NEXUSsoft allows clients to provide feedback on workers’ performance, enabling Labour hire businesses to address any issues promptly. Performance metrics and ratings can help in evaluating and improving the quality of services provided.


Reporting and Analytics

To make informed business decisions, Labour hire businesses need access to comprehensive reporting and analytics. iCERP by NEXUSsoft provides pre-built and customisable reports on key metrics like revenue, profitability, worker utilisation, client satisfaction, and compliance. Data visualisation tools facilitate the analysis of trends and patterns, enabling better resource planning and strategic decision-making.


Mobile and Remote Access

In today’s digital age, it is essential for Labour hire businesses to have mobile and remote access to their management system. A mobile app allows recruiters, supervisors, and workers to access and update information from anywhere, improving flexibility and responsiveness.


System Integration

One of the key strengths of iCERP by NEXUSsoft is its ability to provide seamless integration with third-party solutions, enabling you to leverage the full potential of your existing software ecosystem without creating data silos. iCERP by NEXUSsoft has a wide range of integrations available from popular accounting packages such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB to digital signing solutions such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign to Point of Sale solutions, transcription solutions, courier and logistic solutions, Microsoft 365 and so on.

Beyond software integrations, iCERP by NEXUSsoft also connects with IoT devices to enhance production and manufacturing processes, fleet management, and sensor-driven operations. Whether you need to monitor production line equipment, optimise fleet performance, or capture real-time data from sensors, iCERP by NEXUSsoft seamlessly integrates with a variety of IoT devices and platforms to provide actionable insights and drive operational efficiency.

We understand that every business has unique requirements and may use specific third-party solutions that may not have pre-built integrations. However, we have you covered. We have connected many legacy systems building custom integrations to connect iCERP by NEXUSsoft with any required third-party software. Whether it's a specialised industry solution, a niche software, or a proprietary application, we work closely with you to understand your needs and design a seamless integration that aligns perfectly with your business processes.


Multi-Site Capabilities

iCERP by NEXUSsoft supports multi-site operations, enabling your business to manage multiple locations or branches within a single system. It provides centralised control, standardised processes, and consolidated reporting across all sites, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.