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After two failed workflow systems and countless dollars lost Medilaw Group approached NEXUSsoft to implement an end-to-end business management solution.

Medilaw Group Testimonial

In 2011, after 2 failed workflow systems and countless dollars lost, we made contact with Nathan and Daryl to look at implementing a work flow system to track and trace our cases. Today we have an end to end system that covers whole of business. 1 system that covers everything from work flow, document warehousing, on-boarding of specialists, CRM, pays, leave management, client and Specialist portal, invoicing and data transfer to our financial reporting system, ISO task management as well as marketing, all wrapped up in a comprehensive reporting suite.

For us Nexus hasn’t been just about cost saving, its been more about how much can we do to fulfill the needs of our clients whilst ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. We now have a system that is bespoke in every way giving us the ability to provide the same service to all of our client database. Nexus has also given us the ability to lead the way in helping our clients transform their systems to assist in their ongoing system/policy/procedural improvement.

From the beginning implementation was smooth and seamless with ongoing consultation and clarification of our needs keeping in mind our end goal. This same customer support continues today. Changes are dealt with expediently, issues are dealt with immediately all with a smile and a knowledgeable and informed approach.

Nexus is unlike any other product. We have an absolute myriad of configurability which allows us to manage our business catering for all of our Specialist’s needs. The system is designed to mirror our process allowing minimal training time as it follows a simple following the bouncing ball process. This also alleviates the need for exhaustive training manuals and limits users to only doing whats right within the confines of our procedures and the wants and needs of our clients and specialists.

Nexus isn’t about “what can you do”…it’s about “what would you like to do”. To date, there has been no request that we haven’t been able to implement, the only wall is your imagination. Nexus truly is a blank canvas with no limitations, if you can think of it, they can do it.

Cameron Moy
IT and Facilities Manager