Why Choose NEXUS

Providing a solution to add maximum value to your business is not a one-time event, it’s something that continues over months and years. At NEXUSsoft, we view ourselves as strategic partners with each of our clients.

NEXUSsoft provide ongoing consultation and development to ensure your solution grows with your business to always meet your ever changing needs, never becoming obsolete. This is where NEXUSsoft differentiates itself from other ERP providers, we do not just deliver a system to your requirements and then walk away, we build long term relationships with our clients who do not see us as an outsourced contractor, but as an essential part of their business.

Optional Fixed Price Contract

NEXUSsoft’s fixed implementation and all-inclusive subscription licence option provides clients with a known figure to budget for without running the risk of project blow outs.

Fixed Price

Free Proposal

Free Proposal

NEXUSsoft will come onsite and map out your business processes and system requirements and provide you with a detailed proposal free of charge.

How NEXUS can solve your problems

Integrating your business and workflow processes into NEXUS will not only solve many business problems but will also provide tremendous cost savings and improved productivity. Some common business problems that integrating with NEXUS solves include:

Inability to access information from anywhere

Many business management tools restrict the operations of your organisation to one location. As many organisations now consist of multiple sites and departments with staff working from multiple locations, not being able to access the information off premises is a problem. NEXUS is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere giving greater working freedom and flexibility.

Disparate, stand-alone software systems reducing visibility

Real-time holistic visibility is important for making timely informed decisions. When all data can be accessed instantly from any location, without wasting resources in trying to extract the data or in chasing up where jobs are at, this improves efficiency and helps management be better informed to make faster and more intelligent decisions.

Stagnated growth

NEXUS gives you complete control of your company’s operational workow, sales, customer relationships, and reporting in the one place, providing your business with the tools to develop and flourish with a system fully capable of growing alongside it. NEXUS has allowed our customers to increase their reach expanding their business into multiple locations with a minimal increase in staff.

Outdated systems

NEXUSsoft implements changes quickly and these changes are included within the licencing agreement ensuring that your NEXUS solution evolves with your organisation and never becomes outdated or obsolete. NEXUS is an investment into future proofing your organisation.

Manual and paper processes

By streamlining and automating the business processes we encourage deployment of staff into higher value activities to help your business innovate and grow.